Why Should You Remove a Tree? 

A lot of people love trees. If you’re one of them, you probably do everything you can to keep your tree on your property. Trees play a huge part in our environment. That is why we must maintain a healthy balance of trees and plants on our properties.  

Unfortunately, a couple of individuals will happily clear their whole garden just to get rid of encroaching roots and falling leaves. There are a couple of cases where removing a tree makes more sense than saving it. However, it can be challenging to decide when to remove a tree.  

So, when should you hire a tree service in Chandler AZ to remove a tree? Here are several reasons to consider: 

Leaf Litter 

The leaves of a tree are known to clog drains and gutters. It also creates a mess in pools. These leaves can result in several plumbing issues if left ignored. If you want to lower leaf litter, you should consider directional pruning. Also, it helps to install gutter guards to avoid leaves from accumulating in the gutter.  

Unfortunately, several types of trees can be a bit more difficult to manage. That is why professionals will recommend tree removal.  

Outgrown Current Location 

For those who don’t know, several types of trees require more space to grow compared to others. This is a bit complicated when it comes to the urban environment. That is why tree removal might be necessary for practical reasons. Trees growing up over roads and houses, against buildings, and under service lines aren’t ideal. They can lead to property damage as well as safety problems.  

Invasive Roots 

A couple of species of trees aren’t appropriate for urban settings. As mentioned above, some of them require more space to grow. One of the biggest problems for these types of trees is root encroachment. Keep in mind that the roots of a tree can span 2-4 times the area of its crown. This means that tree roots might travel into neighboring houses and grow around structures and underground utilities.  

Typically, the most cost-effective method is tree removal if you’re suffering issues with invasive roots. Getting rid of your tree and destroying all the surface roots will result in the death of the remaining roots.  

Risky Trees 

One of the biggest reasons why most people choose to remove a tree is because they are scared it might fall at some point. Nobody wants a tree to fall and destroy their house. This is particularly true if you’re living in a region that is prone to strong storms. Usually, a tree that falls during storms has had indications of failure or has been slowly deteriorating for a while.  

These issues might not be visible to a regular homeowner. However, a professional tree service company can spot these defects easily. Because of this, you should regularly hire one to evaluate your tree and offer recommendations for the future of the property. They might recommend you to remove the tree if it is beyond saving.